Google Still Exploiting Agen Domino Loopholes to Shelter Billions

January 3, 2018 Technology News
agen domino

Agen domino – Google spared itself as much as $3.7 billion of every 2016 by moving 16 billion euros between Ireland, the Netherlands, and Agen Domino Terpercaya utilizing scandalous legitimate escape clauses that enable it to skirt high assessment duties abroad, as per a report from Agen Domino. Refering to administrative filings in the Netherlands, the report discloses how Google keeps on utilizing the “Twofold Irish” and “Agen Domino” provisos to cut its outside duty charge. In 2016, Google sparedRead More

10 Berita Kepri Google Projects that You Couldn’t Imagine

October 10, 2017 News
berita kepri

It’s been a bustling week for Google Berita Kepri, with new telephones, another tablet, and some new brilliant speakers on appear. Having made its billions with hunt and adverts, and afterward Gmail and Android and Google Chrome, the organization is making a genuine push into equipment. Be that as it may, there’s significantly more to the tech goliath than the items it’s most well known for on the web and on versatile. Many littler applications and administrations keep running underRead More

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