Cubot Rainbow 2: The Most Cheapest Dual Camera Phone

September 4, 2017 Android, News
uticasoft Cubot Rainbow 2 review

Uticasoft – Double camera telephones are the following enormous thing, and titans Apple and Samsung, which frequently set the new patterns as far as innovation selection, have just propelled their own models including two unique focal points for enhanced photography aptitudes.

It’s a given that the iPhone 7 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are at this moment two of the best double camera cell phones cash can purchase, yet the sticker price one needs to pay isn’t generally something that can be overlooked. The best arrangements reach or even surpass $1,000, and for a critical number of clients, that is an excessive amount of for a telephone.

This is the place Chinese telephone creators are getting another opportunity, as they’re regularly experts of cloning highlights and gadgets made by more celebrated organizations and offering them at a large portion of their unique cost.

The Cubot Rainbow 2 is now a standout amongst the most, if not the most, reasonable double camera telephone available, as you just need to pay 75 pounds from Amazon. Also, what you get is unquestionably justified regardless of your consideration.

The gadget accompanies the said double camera setup, and additionally with a 5.0-inch show, a MediaTek chip, 1GB RAM, 16GB capacity, microSD card bolster, and a couple of different highlights that we will talk about in the equipment segment.

A speedy take a gander at Cubot’s site could persuade those uninitiated this is extraordinary compared to other cell phones at the present time, particularly in light of the fact that simply like numerous different makers out there, it utilizes favor words to portray its capacities. In any case, as usual, if something sounds pipe dream, it presumably is, so how about we discover together what the Cubot Rainbow 2 is about.

Cubot Rainbow 2 Display

The show of the telephone is a 5.0-inch HD IPS unit with a determination of 720×1280 pixels, 294 PPI and 1300:1 complexity. While on paper this positively sounds great, this isn’t the inclination you get when utilizing it and the show flawlessly accentuates this is a low-spending gadget.

“Cubot Rainbow 2 DESIGN”

The Cubot Rainbow 2 is in no way, shape or form a gorgeous sight gadget, however for the cash you pay, it absolutely fills its need well.

The outline of the telephone is non specific, without a doubt, and it includes the customary Android gadget look when seen from the front. There’s the 5-inch screen that takes the greatest piece of the front, alongside route catch at the main, a forward looking camera at the best put close by the earpiece, a mouthpiece and… a forward looking LED streak. This should enable take to better selfies in low light, however this is just valid on paper.

The adjusted sides and the metallic edge do give a superior look, however the back plastic cover feels somewhat shabby, in spite of the organization’s choice to make it somewhat reflexive, likely trying to acquire a more wonderful plan a la iPhone. The double camera setup at the best is the thing that gets the consideration, with no other striking component on the back.

There is no physical catch and unique mark sensor, so generally, the Cubot Rainbow 2 is a truly fundamental telephone as far as outline. There are no fancy odds and ends like glass, aluminum, unique mark sensors inserted into the screen or things like that, however the Rainbow 2 still feels great in the hand.

The telephone measures 144 x 72 x 7.9 mm and tips the scales at 156 grams, which is the thing that you’d regularly anticipate from a gadget this size – the Samsung Galaxy S8, for example, which measures 148.9 x 68.1 x 8 mm, so it has almost similar measurements, has a weight of 155 grams.

“No security” The screen does not have the differentiation and the striking hues that you may be expecting, yet at some level, this is something that bodes well given its cost.

Then again, take note of that there’s no insurance, similar to Gorilla Glass or whatever else, so it’s very simple to smash the show. A defensive glass could prove to be useful, yet it could affect reaction time, which isn’t awesome in any case.

“Cubot Rainbow 2 – The HARDWARE”

It’s a given that while examining the specialized specs of the Cubot Rainbow 2 it’s basic to have as a main priority that the model we’re discussing costs not as much as a hundred bucks, so it simply bode well to accompany equipment that is not precisely the best right at this point.


In actuality, the camera is a standout amongst the most energizing parts of the Cubot Rainbow 2, as the parent organization introduced a double focal point framework, much the same as on the iPhone 7 Plus.

In any case, when contrasted with Apple’s gadget, what you get is considerably less propelled, so the double camera framework is a 13MP + 2MP arrangement with auto-center, f/2.0 and LED streak. Obviously, everything sounds great on paper, however, in actuality, the outcomes are horrible.

#CPU, GPU, RAM, stockpiling

Obviously, since the telephone costs under $100, Cubot couldn’t go for a Qualcomm chip, which is generally more costly, so it decided on a MediaTek MT6580A quad-center chip timed at 1.3 GHz. The processor is combined with only 1GB RAM, while the GPU is the Mali 400 MP. Capacity comes in only alternative with 16GB, with microSD cards up to 256GB additionally upheld.

These mean rather baffling execution, and the telephone frequently feels moderate and utilizing it for whatever else than perusing the web and talking on WhatsApp is a bad dream.

The processor clearly can’t deal with all the more requesting errands and the constrained measure of RAM drags it down in an obvious way. Obviously, you can’t expect more from such a modest model, however then again, Cubot guarantees its telephone can do significantly more, however this isn’t altogether precise.

Perusing the web is OK unless you open more than 3 or 4 pages/tabs in the meantime, and the same for YouTube vids. Full HD cuts stack really quick, and in the majority of the cases, you ought to be fine utilizing the telephone if its all the same to you holding up several seconds once in a while for applications to stack.

Once more, this is nothing exceptionally stunning from a gadget that costs not as much as a hundred bucks, however since it’s a double camera telephone, you may be enticed to expect something else. Photographs need hues, center is a long time behind what you get from the run of the mill low-spending telephones, and in whatever else than culminate lighting you can scarcely observe something in your photographs.

There is additionally a forward looking camera and, shockingly, it accompanies its own committed Flash, however since it’s a low quality 5-megapixel sensor, comes about aren’t noteworthy either.


As far as battery, you get a 2,350 mAh unit that goes on for around 20 hours, however it merits saying that you shouldn’t take a stab at running exceptionally requesting assignments over and over again in light of the fact that it effortlessly demonstrates its points of confinement. On the off chance that you stay with perusing the web, messages, and texting, you might traverse the day effortlessly.

Charging happens by means of a miniaturized scale USB connector, and that is not amazing at all since a USB Type-C would have expanded the cost by a couple of additional bucks. Additionally, there’s no quick charging or remote charging framework, however nothing unexpected here.

But then, there’s something that should be specified here: while the Cubot Rainbow 2 comes with a removable back cover, you can’t really expel the battery itself too. That is odd, most definitely, yet expelling the back cover is should have been ready to embed a SIM card and a memory card.

Obviously, the telephone needs waterproofing and the various fancy odds and ends of more costly telephones, so that is about it in the equipment segment.

“Cubot Rainbow 2 – Software”

A standout amongst the most amazing things about the Cubot Rainbow 2 is that it accompanies Android 7.0 out of the case. The issue, nonetheless, is that the parent organization hasn’t discharged a solitary programming refresh since the introduction of the telephone and it’s probably not going to concentrate excessively on such updates in the coming months or years.

This is one of the more serious issues with generally obscure telephone maker, as the vast majority of their models wind up getting to be plainly out of date because of the absence of programming refreshed. Despite the fact that a portion of the telephones are quite competent, bugs that clients run over are settled at a horrendously moderate pace and sometime, purchasers wind up changing to an alternate gadget.

“Android 7.0.”

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is presumably the best case for this situation, as it’s been delegated the best telephone at the current year’s MWC, however hasn’t gotten a solitary refresh over the most recent few months. Sony has all the earmarks of being investing more energy in different things, doubtlessly taking a shot at new gadgets, as opposed to on enhancing programming of its most recent leaders, and this is what’s relied upon to occur with models like Cubot’s as well.

Then again, Android 7 runs easily on the Rainbow 2, however the cell phone clearly demonstrates its impediments when attempting to manage additionally requesting errands like recreations. This is the sort of telephones that must be utilized for fundamental things like perusing the web and visiting with companions since anything past that requires better equipment.

What should be lauded is the absence of bloatware, as impossible other Chinese creators, Cubot is putting forth the telephone with a spotless Android ROM.

There’s only one fortunate thing about the Cubot Rainbow 2: it fills its need extremely well, and it conveys better than average quality for the cash.

What’s imperative, in any case, is to recognize what’s in store when you purchase the gadget. Paying 75 dollars for a telephone is surely a thing that the majority of us would do, particularly when searching for a gadget that is equipped for giving such huge numbers of incredible things, yet in all actuality, clients need to look past the parent organization’s favor words and read the specs to know precisely what the Rainbow 2 can do.

In case you’re searching for a telephone with to some degree brilliant capacities, this model is unmistakably justified regardless of a possibility, particularly in case you’re not willing to spend a fortune for a wonder such as this. Likewise, if what you’re looking for is a shabby telephone to provide for your child and not give it a second thought in the event that it breaks or they crush it to the ground, by and by the Rainbow 2 is a decent decision.

Other than that, there’s no reason for examining what the telephone can’t do in light of the fact that it’s only an exercise in futility. It’s a super-shabby section level low-spending plan cell phone and not a solitary thing more.

There’s such a great amount to incorporate here that I don’t know where to begin. In any case, the most noticeably bad thing about the Rainbow 2 is that Cubot sets some truly exclusive requirements when boasting about the telephone and not being straightforward can at last fire back.

Clients who put their confidence into Cubot’s words can wind up being super-frustrated due to the poor photograph quality, the moderate reaction time, and the general poor execution of the gadget, simply because they thought they’re purchasing a creature.

The double camera framework, despite the fact that it sounds so amazing at first look, is frightful, and photographs need differentiation, hues, and splendor in a terrible way. The show doesn’t include any insurance, so there’s a decent shot it smashs the first occasion when you drop it, and the absence of basic highlights like a unique mark sensor makes it a no-no for the individuals who need to really appreciate the advantages of Android.

The absence of programming refreshes additionally demonstrates that the Cubot Rainbow 2 is not a gadget that you need to stay with over the long haul, and this is just the blame of the Chinese maker. In the event that this progressions overnight at any point in the near future, at that point I’m willing to give the Rainbow 2 another attempt and see what’s been moved forward.


On the off chance that anybody from Cubot is perusing this, you better cover your eyes since you’re not going to like what you’ll read in the following couple of lines.

The Rainbow 2 is a telephone that you would be wise to stay away from, particularly in light of the fact that it accompanies much an excessive number of disadvantages, regardless of its stunning cost.

It comes with a double camera framework, that is valid, however the outcomes are quite recently dreadful and don’t contrast and what leaders like the iPhone 7 Plus can accomplish. Alright, I concede that it’s one of the least expensive telephones available right now, however what’s the purpose of paying 75 bucks for an Android telephone that can’t do something else than perusing the web and getting your messages?

The Rainbow 2 is the correct telephone for the individuals who don’t have too huge desires from it, however given that it runs Android 7, it’s hard not to take a stab at something a tad bit all the more, for example, playing amusements or anything like that. Furthermore, given the way Cubot depicts its telephone, there’s a decent shot numerous clients would wind up baffled that their new telephone is not equipped for doing any of that.

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